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  • Power plants

    We specialize in the execution of all kinds of assembly and disassembly works on pipelines and boiler equipment in energy facilities:

    • solid fuel power plants
    • gas power plants
    • nuclear power plants
    • incinerators

    We perform the most demanding welding in the construction of boilers and related equipment. We install hot water and steam pipelines, pumping stations, engine and boiler rooms. At the same time we provide for service and maintenance of machine installations. With our partners we can also assemble the entire turbine, pipelines, tanks and generators.

    Few references

    Nuon Magnum Power plant

    Eemshaven, Netherlands

    The production capacity of Nuon Magnum is about 1,200MW, which is a sufficient quantity to meet the rising electricity demand in the area.

    Siemens CCPP Encogen Power plant

    Rotterdam, Netherlands

    The power plant has a capacity of approximately 870 megawatts (MW).

    Nuclear Power Plant Olkiluoto 3

    Olkiluoto, Finland

    Welding and fitting of pipes on the turbine and on the reactor of the nuclear power plant. Capacity OL3: Production of electrical energy per unit (planned) 1,600 MW.

    E.ON Benelux Power station

    Maasvlakte, Netherlands

    MPP3 is an ultra-modern coal-fired power station using pulverised coal to produce steam at very high conditions (285 bar, 600 to 620 °C).

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