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    In the IT industry, we are present in the implementation – installation of electrical installations for the connection of computer, robotic and communication devices. We perform installation and connections of machines for chip production. In addition to electrical installations, we also perform the premanufacture and installation of pipelines for the needs of IT production, data centers and cooling systems for data centers. We perform these demanding works with quality, which is reflected in the satisfaction of our end customers.

    Few references

    Google Datacenter

    Hamina, Finland

    Google’s latest expansion of its data center complex in Hamina has been approved. The Regional State Administrative Agency (AVI) of Southern Finland has green-lighted the environmental permit and operating license for the sixth data centre within the complex. The company says the new data center will be up and running in 2021. At the moment it is carrying out installation and testing work at the site. Google plans to hire approximately 50 new employees, bringing the workforce to around 400. There are 1.200 people working on construction of the new data center, a number that is expected to grow to 1.400.

    ASML Netherlands B.V.

    Veldhoven, Netherlands

    One of the largest chip machine producers in the world with a turnover exceeding 3.5 billion Euros and almost 7000 employees.

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