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  • Construction of pipelines

    Construction of pipelines has been our activity already for more than a decade. Most of the pipeline works were carried out in new constructions and adaptations of the automotive and paper industry. Our activity is also present in all other industries.

    We use various tools for the execution of works and the choice depends on the nature and complexity of each task.

    Pipes of smaller dimensions (lubricating, oil, hydraulic, air and similar pipelines) are treated with manual bending pliers and connected with Ermetto couplings. Pipelines for paints are bent with a bending machine with a calibration mandrel and welded by an orbital welding machine with gas protection.

    All major dimensions (from DN 50 to DN 1200) are prepared and assembled according to the pipe building technology. This means that the pipelines are manufactured according to isometrics and other details.

    Professionally qualified and experienced persons are of course required for the proper implementation of tasks.

    We have experienced groups of pipe layers for the pre-assembly and experienced groups of pipe layers who engage in the assembly at the construction site.

    For the construction of tanks, which represents a special field of work, we have trained groups exclusively for this type of work.

    It is of great importance to meet an increasingly demanding global market, a school for pipe layers and welders has been established, whose results are already visible.

    Description of works in the pipe laying activity

    Small pipes ø 8 to ø 42 mm (Ermetto connection):

    • oil pipe lines
    • lubricating pipe lines
    • hydraulic pipe lines
    • air pipe lines
    • pipelines for various media

    Pipelines (bending with a mandrel and orbital welding):

    • pipelines for paint
    • pipelines for pharmacy
    • pipelines for beverages

    Pipelines (pre-assembly and assembly according to isometry):

    • paper and cardboard industry
    • automotive and other industries
    • water media
    • heating media
    • cooling media
    • binding of tanks
    • pumping sets

    Construction of tanks on site:

    • construction and welding of tanks/filters
    • construction of tanks with a volume of up to 500 m3
    • construction of tanks with a volume of up to 1000 m3 and more