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  • Welding

    Special attention is paid to welding, our core activity. We are proud of the professionalism of our welders and the quality of our services.

    We are able to carry out the entire welding-technical service for the client:

    • preparation of welding and technical documentation,
    • performing welding and
    • control.

    Each welder has a valid attestation according to EN 287/1, AD 2000- Merkblat HP 3 and DGRL 97/23/EG, indicating the certification body and the number of the notary body on the stamp. A-tests are renewed every 6 months. We currently have valid approximately 700 attestations. The work quality of each welder is regularly monitored and controlled. Every two years, the welders perform the attestation again and receive additional training in the welding school, if required. Also, we additionally train the welders for any special tasks according to the client’s wishes.

    Each welder has their own stamp, with which they identify their work. In this way, we can monitor the welding of each welder throughout the entire production process. In this way, we received ISO 9001:2015, ISO 14001:2015, SCCP and EN 9606/1 certificates. More about certification

    We also perform welding according to the P91/P92 process for which we have trained top welders. We also have the equipment for annealing according to the stringent requirements of European standards and annealing workers trained for work with this equipment, who provide a proper preheating and heating during the welding process.

    In the company PIPETECH d.o.o., welding is carried out according to the following procedures:

    • WIG (TIG) white material, stainless steel
    • WIG (TIG) combination (root according to the WIG/TIG procedure – electrode addition – according to REO procedure);
    • WIG (TIG) black material,
    • MAG sheet metal, welding process with flux cored wire
    • REO manual electro arc welding
    • REO cellulose, manual arc welding with cellulose electrodes
    • MAG sheet metal, welding process with regular wire
    • P91/P92 root according to TIG, combination, electrode charge – preheated by annealing and cooling
    • MIG welding process of aluminium
    • Orbital